Tuesday, 9 July 2013

London Pigeons Control, Pigeons Removal and Pigeons Pest Control Services - Bypest

Nobody wants pigeons causing a problem and creating a bad impression near their business. Thankfully there are humane, efficient ways to control, remove and deter these pigeon pests – and the mess that comes along with them.

The main issues with having pigeons nesting near a business premises is the noise, the mess, the damage to property (from the pigeons dislodging tiles etc, and also from droppings eroding surfaces)  and the potential health risks (the most common disease passed on to humans is psittacosis).

None of these are good for a business and professional pigeon control can help avoid them. Pigeon pest control includes measure such as spikes, netting and wires to prevent pigeons from roosting and fouling at your home or business. Bird scaring can also be used, which uses sounds to make the environment undesirable and encourages them to move along.


 It’s not just pigeons that can cause a problem – seagulls, sparrows and starlings can also be a pest. Most pigeon removal companies will help with any unwanted avian guests, making sure it’s not your business that they will call home.

Do you have a problem with pigeons at your London home or business? If you’re looking for a pigeon removal service in London to address a problem with pigeons roosting at your home or business, we can help.  Bypest is the leading London Pest Control Services provider in the assessment, treatment and prevention of pigeon problems in both homes and businesses.

We can visit your premises and advise you on the best way of dealing with pigeons, including the installation of proofing measures such as wires, spikes or netting to stop pigeons fouling your building exterior or corporate livery.

At Bypest, we can help with Pigeons Removal and Pigeons Control. If you have any questions or want to discuss a pigeon problem or bird proofing at your business or home, give us a call on our free phone number 0800 082 0203 or direct dial us on 0203 189 2240. Our pigeons pest control service operates in London and the M25 area.

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